CleverRemote remote control and video presentations

CleverRemote – a new generation of remote access system. It provides remote access, control, assistance, management, video conferencing, managing of smart devices, file sharing and service management. Network restrictions and firewalls are not an obstacle anymore.


Get CleverRemote client application and start using now!

How it works

The only thing you have to do is download the client application and run it on your workstation. Server will be selected and connection will be established automatically. It is enough to tell your partner the number of your device and the password and he will immediately be able to access this device through a client application or a web browser.
CleverRemote can work without installation, but if you want to manage your device all the time, you can install the product as a system service.
You can also provide your partner with access to your files, so that he can view them directly in Windows Explorer, as well as to all the connected devices and network ports.

Conduct presentations directly in your browser

Conduct presentations directly in your browser

For interactive presentations and demonstrations you don’t need to install a client application anymore. CleverRemote will send the video stream directly to your browser!

Remote support

Remote support

Do not waste your time on phone calls. Help your friends, family and colleagues online. You just need to download CleverRemote through direct link and run it. A user of any level can easily do it

Work remotely

Work remotely

Work from home. Connect to your workstation from any place which is convenient for you. It's fast, reliable and safe.

How safe is it?

Absolutely safe!  For real-time data transfer CleverRemote uses a security protocol of DTLS and SRTP transport layers, which completely prevents data tampering or interception. The server software cannot decrypt your data: for network connections we use P2P technology, which completely eliminates the server from the chain of information sharing. The data gets transferred directly to your partner.

For personal use

CleverRemote offers a free version for personal use. Provide assistance to your friends for free.

CleverRemote also provides licenses at affordable prices for commercial individual use.

For organizations

Unlike other products, CleverRemote provides an unprecedented level of security for organizations. We provide the opportunity to install your own CleverRemote server and infrastructure either directly to the corporate network or to the Internet. Your organization will not be dependent on upgrades, changes or policies. Become a real owner of your corporate infrastructure!



CleverRemote supports a variety of platforms and devices ranging from personal workstations to devices of Raspberry Pi level and Windows and Linux operating systems

Advanced usage

For advanced users and automation systems CleverRemote provides API, flexible configuration and console versions of the client software for all platforms

Voice conferences

Bilateral voice exchange is already included in the basic functionality of CleverRemote. Assist, conduct presentations and communicate in one application

Recording conferences and demonstrations

Video demonstrations and voice recording feature sometimes can be very useful. But we also maintain your privacy – you will be notified about the moment your partner starts recording

File transferring

Transfer files of any size. CleverRemote allows you to browse the file system of your partner directly in your Windows Explorer

Flexible settings

Manage your CleverRemote client settings. Enable only the features you need

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